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​About Me and Side Hustle India

​Himanshu Bisht, Side Hustle Coach

My name is Himanshu Bisht. ​I am a Teacher, Computer Science Student, Entrepreneur and Vipassana Practioner (An ancient Indian art to purify your mind).

I want you to Sign Up to SideHustleIndia for an Important Reason (other than because it's Free).

A few years ago, I was ​struggling hard for money to pay back my loans before I met someone who taught me to how to make ​a lifestyle of freedom​ by helping others. It was not easy but I was fortunate to find ​a mentor.​

Read in detail if you want

I Have a Message for You…

Money Matters


It is not the last thing you want. Your final aim is to grow beyond it.

If you really want to enjoy your life Without Financial Worries and You Truly Want to help others to Grow at the same time,

Don't Think Much. Sign Up now

​Don’t Waste Your Time in Searching things which ​don’t work (Like I did). Stop looking out for motivation immediately.

Time is crucial.

In my journey of Finding a work I love to do everyday, Leaving My Full-time Job and building a business of freedom; I have learned a lot about making money legally and illegally.

Making money while you Sleep is a Reality, and Thousands around the World are Doing it.

It is Free but Not for The People Looking for Shortcuts

And It is Proven.

I have implemented it;

My mentors are doing it (two are making over $107,000 per week)


You Can Do It too! (Without any technical knowledge)

If this sounds good: Let's meet ​live

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